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Career Development

“Our organic approach to career development ensures that candidates are not only ideal talent and organizational matches, but also confident and capable of performing effectively in new positions."


At Faith Gladmore International, our executive recruitment service does not end with candidate selection. We also provide career planning and transition services.

We follow-through each hire with periodic discussions with both clients and candidates to see if the match is satisfactory.

Career Planning

We collaborate with our clients’ HR departments to impart specific high-performing executives with leadership skills sets that they may lack. These include soft-skills, management and leadership training.

At the request of clients, we also extend our service to the areas of Executive Coaching and Mentoring.

FGI consultants identify executive's short-comings and address these by utilizing knowledge and resources from both within our own organization and via our network of affiliated expertise. On the FGI team are Associates who are qualified Executive Coaches.





















Career Development Flowchart

Career Transition

Successful organizations are those capable of adapting as markets change, businesses expand and technologies evolve. Often times, this involves the creation of new positions, divisions or businesses.

Occasionally, our clients require assistance transitioning employees into new roles.

FGI accommodates this need by providing:

1.    Behavioral Indices
Sometimes, high-performing employees are challenged to advance into larger roles and higher positions of responsibility.

As these executives assume their expanded roles, FGI can assist by profiling these individuals to map their capabilities, propensities and limitations. Our trained assessors perform personality assessments on individuals sighted for a career transition to determine their suitability and potential.

2.    Alternative skills training
Where candidates transition to roles for which they lack the appropriate skills or capabilities, FGI can arrange training sessions with relevant providers.

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