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“Scoring the right human-job-organization fit starts with understanding the occupational ecosystem of a given industry. Domain knowledge, research and knowing the business and demographic dynamics take the guesswork out of executive selection.”

  At Faith Gladmore International, we have the experience, expertise and the right mix of dedicated consultants assisting organizations to access the right talents and make the right choices.

Area of recruitment

  • We recruit middle- to top-level executives across a range of industries, functions and disciplines.

    For instance, we have conducted successful assignments to recruit general managers and functional directors for finance, human resource, operations, sales and marketing, engineering, finance & accounting and supply chain, to name a few.






  • FGI consultants start each search by listening to the client and asking the right questions.
  • Assignments are accepted after consultants survey the industry and determine the search viability.
  • Searches are conducted using a “multi-faceted approach” that combines database research, direct industry sourcing, Internet research and social media.

Talent assessments

  • Consultants conduct in-depth and probing interviews with candidates.
  • Expert analyses and evaluations are compiled, complimented by assessment tools such as personality profiling instruments and skills tests.

Client advisory

  • FGI consultants then return to the client to advise about compensations packaging, employment negotiations and on-boarding.


Every now and then, we are informed that our client’s ideal candidate is already employed by their organization. Find out how we cater to this scenario.

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