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Established in Singapore in mid-2006, Faith Gladmore International's consultants boast over 100 years of collective experience in the search and recruitment industry in Asia.

Starting as a retained-executive search firm targeting top-level executives, we now proudly embrace a hybrid of retained and contingent arrangements.

Our flexibility has allowed FGI to adapt to changes in both the business envrionment and technology spaces over the years.
Our business model accordingly evolved from exclusive, high-end recruitment to encompass the middle ground.






By making full use of emeging communications technology, we are able to reach a wider pool of talent faster and more efficiently.

Our Firm's business model allows us to induct bright, young talents into our own team right here at FGI. Furthermore, our panel of mature and experienced individuals from a broad cross-section of business and industry allows us to leverage their respective expertise and varied leadership skills.

Today, Faith Gladmore International recruits more types of people and is capable of executing cross-boarder searches seamlessly across time zones.

Access to social media sites, on-line portals and voice over Internet protocol has allowed us to reduce search timelines by over 50%.

Find out what makes us different to other search and recruitment agencies.
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