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  The FGI Advantage  

“Well-planned and carefully executed selection processes give access to the right people. Then, wise hiring choices aided by experience and good judgement result in acquisition of high-performing executives that help organizations to excel.”


- Edwin Chan
Faith Gladmore International

Faith Gladmore International complements corporate in-house Human Resource departments and hiring managers by offering ourselves to do the “hard-work”.

Our consultants spend significant time conducting research, identifying and engaging prospective executives in thorough interviews and assessments, and short-listing candidates so that HR practitioners can focus on their core responsibilities.

We find the best solution for your recruitment needs because we are:

1.    Owner-managed 
FGI consultants own a share of the business and understand the needs, aspirations and concerns of business owners.

2.    Impartial
Independent and unbiased consultants allow for objective assessment and evaluation of candidates.

3.    Localised where we operate
Our consultants posses an intimate understanding of the nuances of culture and business ethos.

4.    Team-players
Cohesive teams ensure speed, thoroughness and continuity.










At Faith Gladmore International, we trawl, target and track high-potential candidates so that your selection process is streamlined, coordinated, and focussed to get results.

To this end, FGI provides continued support for clients and candidates via its network of internal, as well as affiliated expertise.

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